Navarra Bird Watching Community

Birds and nature lovers will be excited to learn that the city of Navarra is working on establishing a community to provide resources and information for enthusiasts who wish to see the many bird species found in the area.

It’s no secret that Navarra has wide open spaces full of wildlife, which makes it perfect for curious adventurers who like to get out into nature and observe the birdlife. Now, thanks to this exciting new project, people won’t have to do all the research themselves; they’ll be able to go online and find bird watching tips, guides on how to identify different species, what areas are best for seeing certain types of wildlife and other neat facts about these winged creatures.

Basically, the idea is to organize various bird-watching activities and make it easier for people who love to observe birds in their natural habitat find suitable outings.

It is an association created in the ’80s that is dedicated to bird watching.

The main objectives of this community are:

  • familiarize with birds and their ecosystems;
  • protect these environments, specially Navarra’s;
  • enjoy with other people through conferences, walks, or trips (mainly to observe birds).

It is even possible to go with them to Africa, in order to practice bird watching in its original place. The nearest trip is scheduled for 2014.

Apart from that, they offer courses about nature, when you can meet some naturalist guides who will show you where it is best to look for certain species. Recommending places are usually inside forest areas, but sometimes also near water.

Bird Watching Community also organizes events for the children of Navarra in order to introduce them to this hobby. On these occasions, they use a parabolic antenna that can show images from remote cameras pointed at nests or bird feeders.

This activity is sponsored by the Government of Navarra and also in collaboration with other non-profit associations in order to protect endangered species in Navarra’s Natural Park.

Bird watching is a very rewarding activity, and with this community, you get to connect with other like-minded people who enjoy nature and want to protect it. You also get the opportunity to travel to Africa in order to get better acquainted with birds in their original environment (and possibly get an award certificate from the African ornithological association for doing so).

Patience is the key to bird watching. You will have to sit, wait and stay motionless for extended periods of time in the beautiful countryside while looking at birds. This is truly a rewarding activity that takes patience, observational skills, and time – but it is very much worth it when you get to see these magnificent creatures up close.

Discover exquisite creatures in one of the most beautiful places in Europe – Navarra.