How to Get a Date on Tinder

Experts Tips for Getting the Ladies

Ladies, it’s time to take control of your dating life. Tinder is a great way to find people and go on dates with them. But you might be asking yourself: How do I use Tinder? What should I say? And how can I get the most matches possible without being creepy or overwhelming them with messages? These are all valid questions, but we have answers! Check out these tips from experts for getting the ladies on tinder and scoring that date you’ve been looking for.

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the free tinder plus. You can get it here:

Once you’re set up, let’s talk about what not to say on Tinder, and how to handle messaging people back if they like your profile.

Free Tinder Plus

The first thing I always suggest my clients NOT DO (and something that many of them continue doing) is immediately ask for a date or tell someone you want one; this comes off as pushy and creepy 99% of time! Instead, message “Hi!” with an emoji—a smiley face works best because it’s friendly/positive without being too flirty. Girls love talking about themselves so asking basic questions about her life shows interest in who she really is beyond just looks which will help build rapport faster than asking for a date.

Finally, you’ll need to get swiping! The goal with Tinder is to swipe right on everyone until you run out of time/likes and then go back later that day or the next day and continue where you left off, but take this strategy with a grain of salt because it’s not always best. If someone seems very interesting in their bio or pictures (or even just one), I recommend taking the extra second so see if they have something in common—this makes your match ratio higher which will bring more matches over all… giving yourself a better chance at scoring that first date ;)

And voilà! You’re ready to start meeting people via tinder. Good luck!